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This page is dedicated to give you an idea on what goes on behind the scenes.  For this we have chosen for you some of our most interesting cases and stories.  

Our first case is that of Maggie, a 6 year old Ferret.  Maggie came to us as she had an ulcer on her left eye which quickly became swollen.  Unfortunately the ulcer was too big to treat medically and ran the risk of getting deeper, causing more discomfort and a potential rupture of the eye.  In Maggie's case the only option was to surgically remove the eye.  

For this, Maggie had to undergo an anaesthetic which in a small exotic pet can be extremely risky.  We always aim to reduce the risks by following the best standards of care.

For her anaesthetic she was monitored with our multiparameter ECG/ Respiratory machine and by our nurse.  A second nurse was on hand to pass instruments as needed by the Vet.  This ensures the anaesthetic nurse is never distraced from monitoring the patient under anaesthetic.  She had a catheter and tracheal tube placed and the complex surgery was carried out by our Vet.  Maggie made a full recovery and was a great patient throughout.  She was able to go home the same day.

We will keep you up dated with Maggie's progress when she comes back for her post op check.  

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